Ammonia (Nonprotein nitrogen poisoning-urea)

Test Schedule
Lab Lab section Days Turnaround
WADDL - Pullman Toxicology Mon-Fri 5-7 Business days
Price: $30.00
Quantitation of ammonia within a specimen 

Specimens Required
Preferred sample type:
  • Plasma (5 - 10 ml)
  • Ocular fluid (full intact eyeball)
Other acceptable samples:
  • Rumen/Abomasal contents (100 g)
Sampling Requirements
Freeze specimens. Postmortem samples should be collected within 30 minutes of death. Additionally, plasma must be separated from red blood cells and non-hemolyzed.

For additional information on how to collect and submit a sample please visit our Submit a Sample page.
Collection Container
  1. Plasma- Spun using one of the following acceptable tubes before being poured into any sterile tube for transport. 
    • Lavender Top Tube (with EDTA additive)
    • Blue Top Tube (with K2EDTA additive)
    • Green Top Tube (with heparin additive)
  2. Ocular Fluid, Rumen/Abomasal contents-
    • A sterile, leak-proof container or bag 
Packing Instructions
Freeze sample and label sample container/tube with corresponding name identifier. 

For additional information, please visit our Packing and Shipping page.
Special Instructions
For more specific sample collection guidelines please see our Submit A Sample webpage. 
Ordering Instructions
For online test ordering please visit our Submit a Sample page for additional information. To submit a specimen without submitting through our online portal please see our Forms page for fillable forms and further instruction.
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