Infectious Bursal Disease PCR

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WADDL - Pullman Molecular Diagnostics Mon-Fri 2-10 days
WADDL - Puyallup Avian Health-Molecular Diagnostics Mon-Fri 2-10 days
Price: $90.00
This procedure employs real-time polymerase chain reaction for the detection of very virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Virus and the endemic/resident Infectious Bursal Disease Virus.  Samples are screened using the 2 segA qRT PCR assays. Gels must be run on every real time product, since the virus is quite variable, and mutations at the point of probe attachment can result in apparent negative qRT PCR results, but with positive gel results.  Sequencing the amplicon obtained from the gel allows further characterization of the virus. Besides mutations, the virus often recombines, so that, for example, a virus with the "vvIBD" segA gene might recombine with endemic virus and have an "endemic" segB gene. This complicates matters, so that the current terms vvIBDv and endemic or resident IBDv are very limited in terms of describing the variant viruses. Dr. Beate Crossley from UC Davis and other researchers are going to propose new terminology for this virus. The two segA qRT PCR assays, one for vvIBDv and one for endemic IBDv, are used as screening assays for incoming samples.

Specimens Required
Bursa, spleen, liver, tissue pool, FFPE tissues.
Sampling Requirements
Tissues, swabs: sealed, leak-proof plastic bag or container.

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Collection Container
Sterile, leak-proof container.
Packing Instructions
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Ordering Instructions
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