Fungal identification and sequencing

Test Schedule
Lab Lab section Days Turnaround
WADDL - Pullman Molecular Diagnostics Mon-Fri 8-36 days
Price: $110.00
Detection of fungi by PCR, with speciation by Sanger sequencing.
Specimens Required
  • Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue suspected as being infected based on gross lesions or immunohistochemical results.
  • 1 g fresh or frozen tissue
Sampling Requirements
For laboratories that do not allow blocks to be sent out, WADDL requires five 10 micron scrolls cut with a new blade on a cleaned microtome, and submitted in a single microfuge tube. This is not preferable, as WADDL has more success when cutting their own scrolls.

For additional information on how to collect and submit a sample please visit our Submit a Sample page.
Collection Container
Tissues: sealed, leak-proof plastic bag or container.
Packing Instructions
Label all samples. Store refrigerated. Ship overnight on cold packs in an insulated container.

For additional information, please visit our Packing and Shipping page.
Special Instructions
Note: Isolates are not accepted for this testing, except those obtained from fish. Isolates from fish should be submitted on slants (not on plates).

We attempt nested PCR for negative samples in order to improve sensitivity, and we charge a lower fee for nested PCR for samples which yield negative direct PCR results, or for samples which yield poor sequence data. As of December 2023, that fee is $88.
Ordering Instructions
For online test ordering please visit our Submit a Sample page for additional information. To submit a specimen without submitting through our online portal please see our Forms page for fillable forms and further instruction.
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