Small Companion Animal Liver Panel

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Elevation in liver enzymes is a relatively common finding in our small animal patients. While monitoring trends in liver enzymes can help to guide nonspecific hepatoprotectant therapy, a specific diagnosis cannot be made without histologic examination. Similarly, although gross changes via ultrasonographic studies or at surgery are also relatively common, these changes are often nonspecific and require histologic examination.

Although a great deal of information can be obtained via standard H&E histology, a more thorough histologic examination should include evaluation of fibrosis, copper, pigments, and potentially glycogen or bile. These parameters are best evaluated via the application of special stains. The additional information gained can provide invaluable information on the chronicity and activity of a lesion, complicating factors, and ultimately the prognosis. 

To order these tests, submit the required specimens and write "Liver Panel" on the General Accession Form or online client portal. A complete history including clinical signs, numerical liver enzyme values, comorbidities, current therapies, and gross description of the liver should always be included with your submission. 

The Small Companion Animal Liver Panel offers an array of special stains, as well as a standardized copper grading scheme.

The Small Animal Liver Panel Plus is also available and includes the above histologic panel, plus the following tests for an additional cost:
  • Bacteriology (aerobic and anaerobic cultures) (See cultures in search tool)
  • Quantitative copper quantification (See copper in search tool)
Specimens Required
Formalin fixed liver biopsies
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Ordering Instructions
Submitters must write "Liver Panel" on the General Accession Form or online Client Portal

For online test ordering please visit our Submit a Sample page for additional information. To submit a specimen without submitting through our online portal please see our Forms page for fillable forms and further instruction.
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