Clostridioides difficile Toxin Neutralization Test

Test Schedule
Lab Lab section Days Turnaround
WADDL - Pullman Bacteriology Mon-Fri 2-7 days
Price: $50.00
Clostridioides difficile (previously known as Clostridium difficile) toxin assay by neutralization is used to detect the cytotoxic activity of Clostridioides difficile toxins, the major cause of pseudomembraneous colitis and many cases of antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

Clostridioides difficile toxin assay by neutralization is performed in conjunction with Clostridioides difficile culture.

Specimens Required
Fresh feces must reach the lab within 24 hours of collection due to the sensitivity of Clostridioides difficile toxin. If shipping within 24 hours is not possible, freeze immediately and ship overnight frozen on dry ice. 
Sampling Requirements
For additional information on how to collect and submit a sample please visit our Submit a Sample page.
Collection Container
 Specimen should be submitted in tightly sealed, leak-proof, containers free of feed or bedding debris 
Packing Instructions
For additional information, please visit our Packing and Shipping page.
Special Instructions
 Please note, if additional testing on the feces is to be performed, for example parasitology testing, a second non-frozen sample should be submitted. 
Ordering Instructions
For online test ordering please visit our Submit a Sample page for additional information. To submit a specimen without submitting through our online portal please see our Forms page for fillable forms and further instruction.
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