Salmonella enteritidis (SE) PCR

Test Schedule
Lab Lab section Days Turnaround
WADDL - Puyallup Avian Health-Molecular Diagnostics Mon-Fri 2-10 days
Price: $55.00
Screening test to detect Salmonella ser. Enteritidis by real-time PCR.  A presumptive positive result is confirmed by standard reference methods. 

A pooling fee is added to shell egg samples.

This test is part of the FDA Egg Safety Rule. The rule requires that measures designed to prevent Salmonella ser. Enteritidis (SE) be adopted by virtually all egg producers with 3,000 or more laying hens whose shell eggs are not processed with a treatment, such as pasteurization, to ensure their safety. 

Specimens Required
Chick papers
Environmental swabs
Shell eggs
Sampling Requirements
Unbroken whole, fresh, non-incubated eggs.

For additional information on how to collect and submit a sample please visit our Submit a Sample page.
Collection Container
Leak-proof container/bag.
Packing Instructions
For additional information, please visit our Packing and Shipping page.
Special Instructions
Please call ahead prior to submitting shell eggs that are to be tested in accordance to the FDA Egg Rule.
Ordering Instructions
For online test ordering please visit our Submit a Sample page for additional information. To submit a specimen without submitting through our online portal please see our Forms page for fillable forms and further instruction.
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