Ceratomyxa shasta Intestinal Smear

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WADDL - Pullman Aquatic Health Mon-Fri 29 days
Price: $25.00
To detect the myxosporean parasite Ceratomyxa shasta in intestinal mucus by examination of stained smears using light microscopy.
Specimens Required
Mucosa from posterior 1/3 of the intestine. 
Sampling Requirements
Excise the distal intestine with a scalpel or scissors and discard the feces. Scrape the mucosal surface with the cytology scraper and place collected mucosal cells and mucus into an appropriate whirlpak bag or sample tube. Pool samples from up to 5 fish.

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Collection Container
Capped tube or whirlpak bag.
Packing Instructions
Ship chilled in insulted cooler or styrofoam shipper on ice packs.

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Ordering Instructions
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