Sample Processing Fee

A $10.00 accession fee is applied to each case regardless of numbers of tests or animals included in the case. The accession fee will also be applied if the case has gone through the accessioning process even if no testing occurs. To reduce the likelihood of this occurring, confirmation of sample type, assurance of sample quality and determination of appropriate testing is needed prior to submission.

Name Description Lab Section Price
Sample Processing Fee Samples that require increased amounts of technician/pathologist attention and/or specialized reagents will be assessed a sample processing fee. Examples of biopsy samples that will receive this $50 fee include: • large biopsy samples (>15 cm in diameter), • samples submitted fresh, • whole spleens, • whole mammary chains, • samples that require decalcification (amputated digits, jaw/mandibles) or, • any non-standard biopsy sample. Only one sample processing fee will be applied to a given case even if it fits multiple criteria for application of the fee. For example, a 20 cm diameter mass submitted fresh that requires decalcification would only be assessed one sample processing fee. Necropsy $50.00